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So what is a mommy blogger exactly?? Well we’re moms, some of us are stay at home…some of us work full or part time. I’ve done it all and I think the hardest job is being home (though now I’m at work full time and trying to be absolutely great at everything…impossible).

Mommy blogging is not just about a growing powerhouse..but about woman connecting. I think about how often my husband might mention that I tell too much to my friends when he would prefer that I didn’t. Woman need woman…we help each other make decisions, we root for each other (even when we are competing), we give each other strength. And as moms..we trust each other, and we’re not afraid to ask for advise (unlike a car, there’s no GPS to navigate raising our children).

So for a few years now I have written blogs posts on other sites (which I will keep doing), and been guest blogger on sites as well. But now I would like (love) to welcome you to my blog, which is a mix of my family and my work…both passions. On my family side I will share tales about my 3 teenage daughters, our dog, our fish, and yes, I will share about my wonderful husband of 21 years.

As for work, I will share my knowledge of toys and look for other bloggers with children of different ages to test toys and give honest opinions. My work keeps me in constant contact with toy manufacturers (and that’s why I’m the Toy Insider Mom). When I evaluate toys I look for play value and dollar value. I also look to see the trends, how kids are responding, etc. But nothing is better than putting an item in your hands and getting the feedback from other moms.

This site will continue to grow. Eventually you’ll be able to shop for toys, the popular ones and the hard to find ones, you’ll find them all here. And you’ll be able to shop here without “surfing the net”. Here, we will also talk about big kids, little kids, other peoples kids, and just stuff. It’s a place I hope we can all call home and share our worries and our joys. And we’ll talk some about toys too! I have lots of knowledge about toys, about the developmental stages and what you should be looking for (my education was that of elementary schoolteacher…so don’t even ask how I got here) and when I don’t have the answer, I have experts at hand here who do.

Let’s get to know each other and let’s connect. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


The Toy Insider Mom (last years holiday toys are here…this years site will be refreshed by mid October)


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