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Reality Producer to Develop Lego Reality Shows

According to Variety, Lego reality shows are in the works. The magazine has reported that reality producer Scott Messick is partnering with the Lego Group to develop “nonscripted programming” based on the franchise. The reality shows will include a docuseries on the Lego Masters, a kids game show based on a new line of Lego board games, and a competition show that may be held in the Legoland theme park. Messick’s previous credits include ABC’s Shaq Vs. and Oxygen’s Fight Girls.


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Survey: Most Online Retailers to Offer Free Shipping This Holiday Season

In a new survey by, four out of five online retailers said they will offer free shipping with conditions this holiday season, meaning a customer must purchase a certain item or a certain dollar amount to qualify. More than half of online retailers, 57.4 percent, plan to offer free shipping without conditions, and 30 percent of the retailers said free shipping offers will start earlier than they did last year.
According to’s eHoliday Study, conducted by BIGresearch, online retailers are expecting an increase in holiday sales compared to last year, and holiday shoppers are planning to spend more of their budget online. Almost half of online retailers, 45.8 percent, expect their holiday sales to increase at least 15 percent over last year, and just one in five online retailers (20.3 percent) expect sales to be flat or decline. More than one-fourth of online shoppers (26.7 percent) said they plan to spend more of their holiday budget online this year, with reasons ranging from the ability to shop anytime (41.9 percent) to shoppers feeling it’s easier to compare prices (34 percent) to convenience (32.4 percent).
To gear up for the increase in holiday sales, 47.1 percent of online retailers surveyed will be increasing their use of social media this holiday season. This year, retailers are adding or improving their Facebook page (60.3 percent), Twitter pages (58.7 percent), and adding or enhancing blogs and RSS feeds (65.6 percent). Retailers are also adding or revamping their websites’ shopping cart (45.2 percent), search capabilities (44.3 percent), suggested items (42.9 percent), customer ratings and reviews (40.6 percent), and featured sale pages (37.1 percent).

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The Toy Insider

We are live….and to find all hot toys for the holidays go to We guide you on toys for different age groups and give you a great variety to choose from. There is something for every child at Have fun!

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My favorite candy……

Mars Retail Group has announced a marketing alliance with Nets Basketball that names M&M’S Brand Chocolate Candies the “Official Candy of Nets Basketball” and includes exclusive confectionery rights, arena signage, and an “M Zone” merchandise stand by Gate D in the main concourse level in the IZOD Center. When the one-year sponsorship tips off October 30 at the Nets opening home game, Mars will have exclusive marketing rights inside the IZOD Center for the pre-packaged candy brands M&M’S, Skittles, Snickers, and Starburst.

The M Zone on the main concourse level will represent a miniature M&M’S World store, selling confections from Mars Snackfood US, customized Nets colored MY M&M’S Chocolate Candies, and consumer licensed products. The M Zone will be open during all IZOD Center events, pending any promoter restrictions.

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The BIG Toy Book

There’s only one place to find The Big Toy Book this holiday season (and all year long) and it will be at Coming soon………..

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Fall Toy Preview

Off to Dallas to check out next years toys….back next week!!

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Embracing our new world!!

As a mom of three teenage girls, I have my own internal battle with the technology that fills our kids lives. On one hand….it’s amazing!! Our connections to each other, how our kids do homework and stay in touch, the information that comes to us at an astounding speed by a few key strokes. This is what our children are growing up with! But for many, this new world leaves much to be desired. I love when my entire family eats together (rare…rarer now that my oldest is in college)…but it doesn’t always include the type of conversation I want. In fact more often than not, it includes me telling them to but the phones away.

It is amazing….but these kids can’t bear to be without each other for even a few seconds. If you have children 13 and older…you know what I’m talking about! TEXTING!!! They put the phone in their lap, under that table, in their bag on their lap…and act like addicts when you tell them to shut it off. I’m waiting for the seizures to begin…the drool to come down the sides of their mouth, until they are allowed to turn their lifeline back on again.

My girls sleep with their phones under their pillows….they are absolutely connected 24/7. Should we discuss how often they are somewhere…and I call looking for them, asking why they didn’t call to inform me of their whereabouts. Their answer…well, I sent you a text! To them, it’s amazing if I miss a text.

Hasbro clearly knows my kids (and yours) and is tapping into this audience! They have introduced a new Clue game called Secrets & Spies Edition. Before beginning this game, kids input their cell numbers and throughout the game, they receive texts back on their mobile phone with clues (or game changing intelligence) to help them win. (It’s a 9+ game, so don’t worry about your little ones not having a cell phone yet).

I can text my kids anytime….and then sometimes I wonder how they are answering me so quickly. I will text “where are you”…and the response quickly comes back “n cls” (translation: in class). In class???(does your teacher know?)

This of course leads me to spelling….and more importantly, handwriting (or lack of!) Now I did read somewhere that it’s like learning two languages…the real one and the text one…I say the jury is still out on that.

I recently took down my “minute allotment” on my plan, because kids don’t use time….just unlimited text.

I guess adults aren’t much better…let’s face it, the term “crackberry” was made for adults, not kids. But the widespread behavior of children connected at all times make us realize that much of this is out of our control. As a mom, I want them to have phones and I want to be able to reach them anytime, as I work in the city. I want to be connected to my oldest who is now 6 hours away at school. But I also want them to learn how to talk to each other face to face. They should be able to say goodbye to friends and find quiet times for themselves. They need to call to check in…not text. I watch my 16 year old as she’s reading or doing homework. She has her itunes playing….she is “I m”ing (instant messenger), and texting…..all while getting her work done. I’m not sure if this will eventually do her in…or make her an incredible multi-tasker.

Our young generation of future leaders and decision makers will probably put all this to good use…eventually.

The Toy Insider Mom

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