talking about toys for the “little” set!!

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Between my kids and all the toys I’m playing with lately…I’m not sure where to start…but ok, “tis the season” let’s talk toys.

First a note….I will talk about all toys that I like. I will let you know why I like them…why your kids will like them. I don’t get paid to discuss the items I choose. I am in the toy business so I see it all. For our Toy Insider magazine, our holiday guide that we publish for the holiday season (with a site online at, we get thousands of toys. We get our first glimpse of many toys in October (yes, I’ve already seen a lot of the toys for 2010) and they begin arriving at our doorstep in June. Our panel goes through a full evaluation before we decide on the final 100 and the HOT 20.

In our office, our editorial team has two boxes…one that says HOT…and the other says NOT SO HOT. (and of course I will never tell you what’s in THAT box). I’m going to work my way through the HOT 20, then the rest….and then in more general terms about all the rest of the toys…and it will not all be in this blog posting.

So let’s look at some favorites in the HOT 20 in the 0-2 age:

Mega Bloks, Play and Go Table by Mega Brands: It’s listing right now at about $37, but will all of the toys…the prices are coming down, down, down!!!
I just had this toy on the road with me (we are doing a series of mall tours) and toddlers and parents went wild. This is a toy I would have had two of when my kids were this age, one for home…one for travel and kept in the car. It’s portable, everything stores inside so easy out and easy clean…..and it will keep your little ones busy for hours at a time (building is just like that). This item comes out of the box and is ready to be played with in about 30 seconds. I will be the first to tell you that I hate getting toys out of the packages…what do they think is in there anyway…gold!!! The Play and Go table is colorful, sturdy and worth it! Love it.

Tonka Chuck my Talking Truck by Tonka…and as always, this truck is Tonka Tough! Chuck is like a regular push truck in that the kids can put things in his dump bed, handle him rough, he will take a beating. But he is also interactive and responsive. Chuck has 40 different sounds and phrases, he wriggles his front fender, rev’s his engines, and when called by name or when you clap, Chuck will come right over to your child! Again, classic play with tech components that simply add to his play value. Priced right now at about $34

My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet by Leapfrog. These are plush puppies (the purple one is Violet) and they can be personalized with your child’s name and favorite things and this information is then incorporated into activities, songs, and dialogue. Parents can also customize the playlist online. I remember how exciting it was for my kids to see their name in a book that I would order and personalize….this takes it to a whole new level. One of the most important pieces to this is that Scout is soft and cuddly. I will only love a plush ( no matter what it does), if it’s huggable. My oldest is now in college…and guess what, her favorite stuffed animals followed her all the way to New Hampshire!

Back tomorrow for some personal favorites on our 3 to 5 Hot 20 List.


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Hot toys for all ages…. Hot Toys for the holidays…live!

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