From the Hot 20 list…for the 6-8 kids we love

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I am having so much fun with all the Hot Toys in this age group (6-8) and so will your kids.

So I’m going to give you some quick snippets on the toys in the Hot 20 list for 6-8 in the Toy Insider.

Let’s start with Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser: COOL is the best way to describe this. These guys just push the envelope in creating the coolest in radio control. But wait…is it really radio control..forget that this “wow” toy moves just as quickly on your wall or ceiling as it does on the floor…it’s responding to a laser!! The best way for me to describe this is to mention my dad when he got one of those silly laser flashlights. He would beam it around the house and the cat would go crazy chasing it. The car does the same thing…is as quick and as responsive…and never gives up! this toy. It might be consider a toy geared for boys..but my girls enjoy Air Hogs as much as I do.

Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Tournament Set…so until now, I have never played with tops or cared about them one way or the other…until now!! I saw this first last October 2008 in Dallas and flipped over this. But before I go there…there are so many elements that make this a hot toy that I feel the need to share.’s an action toy. This is another item I recently had on the road with me and the boys went wild. Battle Strikers never sat alone…and there was always a line up of kids waiting to play and compete. There are 16 different tops (and they are all calibrated differently so some are more offensive, some are more defensive)…but that also makes them collectable. Construction is another element as the kids build the tops. The tops go onto the Turbo Charger…it revs them up to 6000 rpm’s (sounds scary to me..but it’s not) and then once on the ground (or in the arena), the kids put on the finger control and can actually use strategy and have control of their tops…so it’s not luck, it’s skill!! Battle Strikers is an “hands down” winner.

Moxie Girlz: A simple thing for a mom to love about her…she is the “anti bratz”. Moxie has a great appealing look…those cool eyes, a great wardrobe..and lots of added play with each girl. Her clothes are hip, but appropriate. Her message to little girls…be true to yourself. Art and fashion is a key theme here, but again I will reiterate, she is an age appropriate doll. If your little girls want to dress like Moxie, you will smile and say ok. Girls can be like Moxie…and they can be themselves.

Printies is a fabulous new craft line that I would love to shout out to the world. While I’m not going to name the stores in the mall that cost $100 for a single stuffed animal that takes 5 minutes and barely any thought process from you or your child (except adding up the bill you’re going to get), Printies let’s our kids become their own toy designers. They get to make their very own stuffed animals. It begins online at the Printies Studio. Here kids create using millions of art assets and design tools that are provided. They can create clothes and even use their own photos on the designs. Their work can be saved, deleted, they can make so many samples until they decide which will actually become a toy. When they are ready, they put their Printies cotton fabric paper in their printer…and print! Out comes their design, ready to become their stuffed animal. The stuff it, put on the shows, and behold their own special toys. There’s no cutting, no glue, no mess. Each set comes with enough to make 6 different stuffed animals. Hours of fun and creativity for under $20. Another winner on our Hot 20 List.

Girl Gourmet Sweets Candy Jewel Factory: So what is better than candy? Nothing And what is better than jewelry? Nothing. Put this together and we have a recipe for pure success for little girls. They get to create, bake, wear and finally eat their beautiful jewelry. Everything needed comes inside to make rings, necklaces and bracelets, so they can create delicious treats to show off to their friends…and eat together. I love to eat the candy, but my nieces love to create!


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