HOT 20 from the Toy Insider…kids 9 and older (not easy to shop for)

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One of the hardest groups to find toys for is that 9+. What do they want, cars (my youngest daughter started asking for a car at 8 actually), cell phones, blackberry’s, macs….Yes, they want it all, so the trick is to remember their age, think about what they like, and put it in front of them. If it peaks their interest, you will be surprised at what the right toy can do.

So from the Toy Insider Hot 20 list, here are a couple of favorites. I have to begin with Screenlife Games, Twilight Scene It? The DVD Game: Deluxe Edition. If your house has Twilight Fans (as mine does…there are 4 of us, my three daughters and myself), than you can’t go wrong. My middle daughter has read all 4 books…I’ve read 1 and 2, my oldest read 1 through 3 and my youngest is reading the first Twilight, so we are big fans. (This is not for my husband…oh well). Anyway, the game… comes with the DVD, 4 collectible tokens, 100 trivia cards, 16 fate cards, and everything else you need to play. There are hundreds of movie clips, trivia questions and on-screen puzzles that are pulled directly from the Twilight film. There are all new puzzles including “Alice’s Version” and “Locker Picks” so it will satisfy both Team Edward and Team Jacob fans. There are lots of bonus activities as well…like “Which Cullen are you”. This game is perfect for hosting a Twilight party!

Style Six Silk Screener is by Jakks and again, we are tapping into the creative/fashion side of girls by empowering them to express their unique sense of style by designing and customizing almost any item of clothes in their wardrobe. The girls layer on cool and trendy graphics to tee shirts and other fashion pieces. This comes with stencils, roll on paint and everything else they need to create their own personal masterpiece that they can wear and show off to their friends.

Check out for more of the Hot 20 items for this age…as well as a host of other toys that will interest your tweens/teens.

Next blog will be the newest…and best place for shopping online!!


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