Sold Out Toys……

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So many sold out toys….what will you do?

First….take a second and remember, it may feel like the most important thing in the world, but it’s a toy!  And there are great ways to make your kids happy if the one they wanted isn’t exactly what they get!

So..the toy is on your child’s wish list and they have been begging for it, in fact they HAVE TO HAVE IT!  (my oldest used to tell me she NEEDs it, lol! ) But because you didn’t purchase this a month ago, it’s now sold out.  What’s a mom (or giftgiver) to do?

First…go to  You’ll find toys with lots of retailers links so that you can check a variety of retailers so see if they might have that item.  Most of the time the retailer will also tell you when and if they are expecting a shipment.   Consider calling customer service as well…they will give you a heads up as to whether a not a shipment is expected.

If you have a local specialty store, and they know you, ask them to call you when they get the toy in.  Chances are, they will.

At  you can also search for toys by category.  So, if the Liv doll they are begging for is sold out…and you don’t want to wait till January, look through the doll section and see if there’s another that your child might also love.  Same goes for activity sets, action figures…you get the picture.

Remember that that one child’s “hot” toy is not everyone’s favorite. Know the child you are shopping for and what will make your child happy. While we all know how easy it is to get caught up in the hype of a new hot seller, if your child never wanted a hamster and hasn’t asked for a Zhu Zhu Pet by name, then that’s one hot toy that you might not want to add to your list.  I used to be the first in line for Beenie Baby’s…and my kids never asked for them…it was all me (crazy).  We’ve given them all away…hundreds of them.  Make sure it’s what your child wants.

Games are always a great gift, especially when you’re not sure what to get.  They offer great play value at an affordable price. Games typically bring not just friends..but family together, and is a toy that is often brought out.  For every age, you’ll find games that will work for everyone.

Need more ideas for toys?  Go to  This holiday guide will break down the best of the season for everyone.  While not a site to purchase toys, expert recommended items for everyone, broken down by age, might just be the answer when you’re stumped.

 Remember the best part about giving a gift to a child, is knowing that they will love the item and enjoy it (not throw it at the bottom on the toy chest).  Also remember that beyond the toys and gifts, this is a time to be with friends and family and reflect on all you have, especially if it’s health and happiness.    Happy Holidays!


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