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Nick hits the high seas with Norwegian Cruise Line



by: Emily Claire Afan Jan 14, 2010 Print  


It looks like Nickelodeon will be setting sail, as it seals a new partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line.

The three-year deal will see select Norwegian ships featuring Nick-themed family entertainment and programming all year long. Nickelodeon at Sea begins this April on Norwegian Jewel and this summer on Norwegian Epic. The experiences will include character meet-and-greets, interactive game shows and more. Also the cruise line is creating select specialty Nick-themed cruises, featuring Nick TV stars, show premieres and themed entertainment, throughout the year.


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Report: 31 Percent of Kids Obtained Both Physical and Digital Content


According to Kids and Entertainment Content, a recent report from The NPD Group, 79 percent of kids ages 2-14 acquired some form of physical or digital content in the past year, with 31 percent acquiring both physical and digital content. In terms of money, $0.85 of every content dollar spent by kids went to physical items, while $0.15 went to digital.


According to the report, video rental services and online music services were the top content-based household services or subscriptions used by kids ages 2-14 in the past year. Nineteen percent of kids used an in-store video rental service, 12 percent used an online video rental service, and 14 percent used an online music service. Paid subscriptions to online video game rental services and online gaming websites ranked towards the bottom.

The report also stated that the average age at which kids make their first digital download is 7 years old, and 41 percent of kids who own digital content said music was the first type they downloaded (game downloads followed behind with 38 percent). The report focuses on kids’ ages 2-14 consumption of entertainment content including video and PC games, music, movies, TV shows, cell phone tones, and music videos.

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Action Packed Holiday

Day 1…after we landed we checked in to our boutique hotel overlooking the jungle and the ocean.  Later in the day we were picked up for our first adventure..jet skiing.  I wanted this to be at the end of the day.  To me, there’s nothing like being on the water when the day is coming to an end.  So while the ocean was a little bumpy (especially for my husband), the water was warm and the air delicious.  The sense of freedom is awesome with the wind and ocean in your face.  We all had our own jet skis (ok…Erika became a little older on this outing…but she has handled these before and we were comfortable with her having her own).  We jumped off in a cove and swam..but it was the sight as the sun setting creating a beautiful sunset…and  the dolphins that were everywhere, that made us just breath.  Jumping, swimming past us, almost everywhere we looked there they were.  They were unbelievable.  In the middle of all this our guide has us racing in an opposite direction….to see the humpback whale.  All I can say is OMG! (to quote the kids).  They got close enough to see the blow hole.  What a site.  As I watched the excitement, the sky, my family….I knew that this was exactly what I wanted and what we needed, and that we were off to a good start.

Next day….deep sea fishing.  My husband loves to fish…even though he can’t catch anything (which is why there are fish stores to buy dinner from).  However, Costa Rica is a fishing capital…so off we went.  We booked a six hour day and the weather was perfect for this.  My two youngest teens have learned that although I nudge about sunscreen….they should listen, as at the end of the day I took two lobsters off the boat (instead of teens)….and they paid the price the rest of the vacation.  But, in spite of this, look what we caught (and released after the picture).  In the middle of fishing, we asked the captain to bring in the lines…stop the boat and give us life jackets….and, with no land in sight, the five of us jumped into the Pacific Ocean….and hoped that our captain didn’t leave.  We caught two Sailfish…and they are simply beautiful.


More excitement on day 3…ATV”ing” though the jungle.

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Family Vacation

By the time we left for Costa Rica, I don’t know who was more stressed….myself, the hubby, or the kids.  Everyone has work to do, school and SAT’s and college exams….work and getting ready to go away, it’s just never easy.

My youngest continued to tell me how boring it will be, and how there won’t be any kids her age.  I promised her she wouldn’t be bored.  Not on this trip.

My husband and I were in Costa Rica about 10 yrs ago on a business trip of his…and we had a blast.  The fishing, the jet skis, the excitment of zipping through the jungle, and our kids are old enough to enjoy.  So this is the trip I planned.

We arrived in San Jose, but late as our plane was “broken” and we were stuck in Atlanta for a while.  But our adventure began as soon as we checked into the very gorgeous Bianca Rosa (where the driver who brought us had to wake someone up to let us in).  My kids were in their room a flight down and I thought that I heard them yelling.  My husband said he would go and check to make sure they were alright.  After a minute (still hearing noise) I went to the door of my room to listen and I heard “spider”, so I laughed.  Let’s face it…I have three daughters.  If it crawls, they scream.  I decided to let my husband handle and I chuckled as I got ready for bed.  It took a few minutes for him to get back to our room and I laughingly said…”a spider, I heard”  and he said, “no, you don’t understand…this wasn’t a spider, this was a Central America spider!!  Think tarantula 😦   Well…he was not able to catch this big hairy spider to get it out of the room…but he was able to capture it under a glass so that my girls could safely sleep the night away.  First of course, Brit (middle daughter) checked under the bed and in all drawers for any other large creepy crawlers.  I have a feeling our spiders from home won’t cause much of a commotion  anymore.

The next day we woke early and had a wonderful breakfast among the “helicopter bugs” as we so aptly named them…as they have the ability to hover right above your head as they proceed to “poop”

And off we went to the airport for our short flight to Quepos…and then the short drive to Manuel Antonio.

We get to the airport…we’ll, the side of the airport, where there’s a very little airport with very very little planes.  Already I’m wishing we were taking the 3 1/2 hour drive instead of the 20 minute flight.  No security here, just weight restrictions.  Not only did they weigh our luggage, each of us had to get on the scale (same scale that the luggage goes on) to make sure the plane would stay in the air? 

I’ve been on small planes before, but here, my husband (Ronald) and I were practically sitting in the pilot and copilot’s lap.  I have to say it was a breathtaking ride over this incredible landscape.  A few times the plane starts saying “traffic, traffic” and then we watched as the pilot and co looked around and pointed to each other any planes that were in the vicinity.  So much for a control tower.

But the best…we are watching the GPS and I see that we are at our destination on the screen…but I’m looking and looking and asking my husband…”where’s the airport”.  And then we saw it…this tiny strip created in the jungle.  One strip, one small building at the end to buy a soda and a plane ticket.  Amazing ride…and this was just the beginning of an awesome vacation.  The next 6 days were action packed and I will share those in the next post.

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