Action Packed Holiday

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Day 1…after we landed we checked in to our boutique hotel overlooking the jungle and the ocean.  Later in the day we were picked up for our first adventure..jet skiing.  I wanted this to be at the end of the day.  To me, there’s nothing like being on the water when the day is coming to an end.  So while the ocean was a little bumpy (especially for my husband), the water was warm and the air delicious.  The sense of freedom is awesome with the wind and ocean in your face.  We all had our own jet skis (ok…Erika became a little older on this outing…but she has handled these before and we were comfortable with her having her own).  We jumped off in a cove and swam..but it was the sight as the sun setting creating a beautiful sunset…and  the dolphins that were everywhere, that made us just breath.  Jumping, swimming past us, almost everywhere we looked there they were.  They were unbelievable.  In the middle of all this our guide has us racing in an opposite direction….to see the humpback whale.  All I can say is OMG! (to quote the kids).  They got close enough to see the blow hole.  What a site.  As I watched the excitement, the sky, my family….I knew that this was exactly what I wanted and what we needed, and that we were off to a good start.

Next day….deep sea fishing.  My husband loves to fish…even though he can’t catch anything (which is why there are fish stores to buy dinner from).  However, Costa Rica is a fishing capital…so off we went.  We booked a six hour day and the weather was perfect for this.  My two youngest teens have learned that although I nudge about sunscreen….they should listen, as at the end of the day I took two lobsters off the boat (instead of teens)….and they paid the price the rest of the vacation.  But, in spite of this, look what we caught (and released after the picture).  In the middle of fishing, we asked the captain to bring in the lines…stop the boat and give us life jackets….and, with no land in sight, the five of us jumped into the Pacific Ocean….and hoped that our captain didn’t leave.  We caught two Sailfish…and they are simply beautiful.


More excitement on day 3…ATV”ing” though the jungle.


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