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Monkey’s are our favorite!

This is Erika and Lucy (below) learning how to do the sloth (above) dance.  You see the Sloth comes down from the tree just once a week to go to the bathroom (is this the best way to say this?)  It takes them 45 minutes to come down from the top of the tree…they do their thing, which includes a little dance….and then take the trip 45 minutes back up the tree.  There’s a sort of running sloth joke that is going on in my house  now.

The girls danced, but the sloths didn’t as we walked through Manuel Antonio National Park.  Today was not the day for the Sloth to come down!  We saw plenty though, owls and bats, amazing spider webs and spiders….so much, but the best were the monkeys.  Right on the beach and in the trees. 

So cool!


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Did anyone say water????


Kids in one raft…grownups in the other….what a ride!

We rafted, we swam, the rapids never ended….

and we jumped off rocks….and we floated down the river…sometime on purpose and sometime because the river won.

But ultimately….we won…we beat the river and had a blast doing it.

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Flying through the Jungle….

Let’s begin with I’m afraid of heights!!!  What a ride, even though I was hugging every tree until our guide gave me the big shove that hurled me through the trees.  Kids loved it.  Our friends loved it….and yes, I loved it.  We went from platform to platform, we repeled down 2x and even did a bridge crossing.  I think what everyone loved the most was laughing at me.

And yes…this is one of my crazy children upside down!!

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Vacation Memories

I promised myself that I would write about our vacation until I finished…and I’m keeping that promise, even though I’m late.  And that vacation seemed like years ago, instead of just 10 weeks ago.

So next stop ATV!  Now here’s something we never did before, any of us.  A little scary at first…but once we got the hang of it, off we went, through the jungle, through the river, with a stop to take a dip in a watering hole (so to speak).  In my life, I’ve never been dirtier…but so much fun.  I was wearing white shorts that day…they will never be white again:)  The day ended with a wonderful lunch in a little house on top of a secluded mountain…and here’s my happy (but very dirty) family enjoying the view.  When we  get back to our hotel this evening we will meet up with close friends who are joining the rest of this vacation with their own teens.

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M&M’s..only 27 days left!!

M & M’s the candy I can’t resist is has shared a special promotional code with on and hurry!!

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Enjoy…The Toy Insider Mom

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