Hot toys..yes they are arriving!!

September 21, 2010 at 1:57 pm Leave a comment

Fall means new toys!!   And just hitting the shelves are some new hot ones that you may want to scoop up (as they are dissapearing just as quickly as they are appearing).

Why (you ask)?  Because they are great items…and they carry a great price value.  When I say price value, I’m not just talking about how much it cost….but how much value you get from the toy (or your children gets). 

Questions to ask yourself before making a purchase…..

* Is it something my child is interested in?

* Are there additional pieces to increase the value of the main toy in the package?

*  Is it a “grow with me toy”, anotherwords, will it last more than just a few weeks.  Are there levels of play so that as your child understands the toy there are more challenges to keep them engaged?

*  Will they love it?  (and yes…you probably know the answer to that).

I will share lots of toys this holiday season, but yesterday on ABC I shared some of the new hot items that are hitting store shelves right now.  Remember….it’s only a hot toy if YOUR child loves it!

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