Whats ON the box???

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What’s ON the box!!

Yes, you read that right, what’s on the box!  A lot of important information is on the box when it comes to the toys that you are buying for the children in your life.

The first thing (and most important thing) you want to look at is the age!  I know some things look so cool and your child is begging for it.  But if the age says 8+ and your child is 5….it’s the wrong toy!  There are a variety of reasons that manufacturers put an age on the box.  First and foremost is how it’s rated for safety.  If there are small pieces on the box you will often see a warning that says “not intended for children under the age of 3”…or wording similar to this.

This isn’t there simply to cover themselves…they mean it!!  As we all know as moms…our young children like to taste just about everything and small pieces are intended for play by kids who are old enough NOT to put it in their mouths.

So here’s a question…you see an age recommendation on a toy that says 3+ and there are lots of small pieces.  I will tell you that my middle child did not stop putting things in her mouth till she was getting closer to 4.  And my niece (who is now 7) was putting things in her ears until she was about 5.  Make sure you are comfortable with the level of maturity your child is at, and make smart mom choices.  The 3+ is for basic safety and passing all testing applying to that age.  But most often, it’s the older kids (4-9) that love to play with and collect smaller toys like this.

The challenge or the simplicity of it all is another reason you need to look at the age.  If the toy is too simple or too challenging, than it’s a total waste for your child.  If your child thinks it’s too simple or too young for them, it just won’t hold them.  If your child gets frustrated and can’t figure the toy out, well…need I say more.  Do look for “grow with me toys” as there’s a lot of value for the dollars paid.  This means that as your child gets older, the toy offers more levels of challenge to keep that child engaged. 

What else is on the box?  The next most important thing that you’ll find is a number for customer service, so that if you can’t figure something out, if something is missing, or if it just doesn’t work…there’s someone to reach out to.  You will probably find a web address and a mailing address too.  You will find out where the toy is made, who the manufacturer is, and what should be inside the box.

Now…you get to look IN the box!

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