The Hot 20…and the reasons why!

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Yesterday was some Monday!!  It began with me rushing to make my train, stepping on the hem of my pants, and of course ripping it.  So once off the Long Island Railroad, I stopped into the shoe maker at Penn Station and asked for a saftey pin since those pants needed to last me till I got home..and I had a day full of meetings.  So I sat, pinned my hem and stood to discover that I just sat on gum.

It may seem like I was off to a bad Monday….but I thought to myself, “self….our Hot 20 list is breaking today and our team is so excited, so let’s laugh this off”.  Ok, so not exactly funny, as I stood in my office bathroom with ice cubes trying to remove the gum, but what an exciting day it turned into.   The Toy Insider Hot 20 list is out…and the balance of our list is not far behind (we can’t tell you everything yet).

I know it seems like the holidays are so far away, but there are a few key reasons why you see our list so early.  First, retailers do not overstock anymore.  They buy what they truly think they will sell and that’s it.  And the toy manufacturers produce what is ordered. 

 We don’t have a crystal ball when we make our selections,but we look at trends and we work with kids as well as our own Toy Insider team (and we are all parents)  and we believe we know what will sell out quickly (and we tend to be correct).  So if it’s something that is going to top your kids wish list…and you see this item, don’t wait to purchase it, buy it now.  Many items that make the list will be very difficult to find as we get closer to the holidays.  Do remember to make these purchases because they are toys that your kids will love and play with and not just because everyone else has it.  It needs to be right for your child.

And if you do wait, and the item is gone, remember that there’s a good chance it will be back and on shelves in January.  There are often great alternatives, so look, or ask us, as we’d be happyto help.

Below are a  few of the items from our Hot 20 list for The Toy Insider and why I love them!!  Our new web site will be live soon…so I will be back to send you there when we are.  In the meantime, take a look at these items (many are available at and please reach out to get more information and ideas as we move into our favorite time of year.

Hot 20 ….here’s a few of them!

For every toy I talk about, I’ll give you my 3 top reasons for loving it!! 

Paper Jamz:  ages 9+  

1)      The coolest technology, paper thin, stringless, and plays like a real guitar in Freestyle mode, but I can sound awesome in Perfect Play mode!

2)      There’s an entire band that I can create with my Paper Jamz guitar and drums and amp and I can do this for under $65.

3)      I’m A ROCK STAR!!!

TRENDS/SKILLS:  Smart Tech, Music, Price/Value


Zoobles Razoo’s Treehouse Playset:  ages 4+ 

1)      Bakugan for girls….Zoobles spring to life just like Bakugan does…but Zoobles are cute and colorful

2)      Collectible…hundreds of Zoobles to grow my collection with with cool playsets like this one

3)      I can take it anywhere I do, my Zoobles fit in my pocket (and the individual ones are just $5.99, so when kids say “I want more Zoobles”, they can feel empowered by making this purchase with their own money to grow their collection.

TRENDS/SKILLS:  Imaginative Role Play, Price/Value, Social Interaction


V.Reader Animated E-Book System:  3+  

1)      First animated eReader with visuals designed for kids

2)      Tech toy like moms (and dads) and really mimics the look and feel of the adult versions

3)      Encourages Love of Reading (I don’t go anywhere without my kindle…kids will feel the same about their V.Reader!!

TRENDS/SKILLS:  Smart Tech,  School Readiness, Encourages language skills


HexbugNano Habitat Set:  3+ 

1)      Great collectible for boys (and girls will enjoy them too)

2)      No food, cleaning of cage,  or mess/smell (I love this part)

3)      A little science…moves in a very “buglike” way by vibration only

TRENDS/SKILLS:  Smart Tech, Educational, Price/Value, Social Interaction


Furreal Friends GOGO My Walkin Pup   4+ 

1)      My sister’s kids are not allowed a dog, and they desperately want one…I will be the great aunt that delivers this perfect size pup.

2)      No food to buy…no poop to scoop!!

3)      Simply RC so even I can walk GOGO, but with touch technology so that pup responds to touch.

TRENDS/SKILLS:   Smart Tech, Physical (someone has to walk her), Social interaction


Hide-And-Seek JOJO Interactive Bunny  18mos+  

1)      Super smart technology for the youngest kids..they will be amazed.

2)      JOJO finds the carrot (and your child) every time.

3)      JOJO can count sing and talk….and hide and seek is more fun than ever before.

TRENDS/SKILLS:  Smart Tech, Physical, Toddler Development, School Readiness…ok, the list keeps going on this one!________________________________________________________________________

Thomas & Friends:  Adventures on Misty Island    3+

1)      Kids Love Thomas…I love Thomas…Mega makes the most awesome playset for Thomas (#1 preschool building w/#1 preschool brand!)

2)      From the Thomas movie, Misty Island Friends.  Thomas celebrating 65th Anniversary…

3)      Build and Play….build up with ramps….so much fun.  Contruction toys grow with children…and they create their own role play atmosphere.

TRENDS/SKILLS:  role-play, vehicle play, construction and language building skills, so much more…WOW!


Perplexus    6+

1)      You will need one for everyone in the family…and one for the desk in your office

2)      This “labyrinth in a sphere” will provide so many hours of family fun and challenges

3)      This grow with me toy will continue with your entire family for years…our mom bloggers and their families went crazy for this one!!!

TRENDS/SKILLS:  Price/Value, educational, social interaction (for all ages)


Fly with Elmo Ride On   1+

1)      One of baby’s first independent toys…with Elmo, a favorite all the time!

2)      Lots of action to keep baby occupied, lights, sounds, spinning action

3)      Elmo talks in his voice

TRENDS/SKILLS:  Physical and active toy, interactive play, and encourages imaginative play

More to come later this week!!!

The Toy Insider Mom


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